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Are you looking for a new career in engineering, but don’t have a bachelor’s degree in engineering? You can earn a master’s degree in engineering through Boston University’s Late Entry Accelerated Program (LEAP), even if your bachelor’s degree is in the Liberal Arts, Business, Fine Arts, Education, or another field.

Your Master’s Degree, Your Way

Have a specific interest? Choose from these masters programs and dive into the focus area of your choice.

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Master’s Degree Programs

Biomedical Engineering

BU’s Top 10-ranked Biomedical Engineering program trains students for a wide variety of opportunities in this rapidly expanding field. Students can focus on molecular, cellular or whole-organ systems, as well as biomechanics, photonics or biomaterials, to name a few areas.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

The 21st-century workplace has seen a significant overlapping of the boundaries between the two historically established fields of electrical engineering (EE) and computer engineering (CE). Our integrated master’s program provides vital training, skills, and expertise across newly emerging subfields such as data science, computational imaging, virtual reality, smart cities and environments, and the Internet-of-things that require skills from both EE and CE for success.

Materials Science & Engineering

BU brings together engineers and scientists from many disciplines to collaborate on materials-related research and education at the graduate level. Students learn to use novel or improved materials to address important societal needs in health care, energy, information technology and security.

Mechanical Engineering

Career prospects for mechanical engineers are projected to grow in the coming years and those with the knowledge of the latest developments are best positioned to take advantage. The BU program is designed for students seeking career advancement in industry or academia.

Product Design and Manufacture
Leveraging the Engineering Product Innovation Center, one of the largest makerspaces in US engineering schools, Product Design and Manufacture integrates the product design and manufacturing processes to train modern engineers to translate compelling new ideas into the practical design and mass production of innovative and cost-effective new products.
Systems Engineering

The interdisciplinary, graduate-only Systems Engineering Division focuses on the analysis, design and management of complex dynamic systems that span the cyber, social, and physical domains. Students model, design, analyze and optimize human-made and natural systems.

Gain Valuable Marketable Skills in Engineering

As a BU LEAP graduate, your master’s credentials will be highly valued by leading employers. After all, you will have a unique combination—the educational and professional experience you bring to the program, combined with your newly acquired technical engineering skills.

For over 30 years, LEAP alumni have established a reputation as highly successful engineers.

The LEAP Advantage

Enter LEAP and you will first take a core set of foundational courses to prepare you for your master’s degree program. As a member of the LEAP community surrounded by colleagues with non-engineering backgrounds, you will receive unparalleled academic support from dedicated BU faculty advisors who will help you customize the program to your needs. With LEAP’s strong alumni network, and the professional development resources of the Engineering Career Development Office, you will have the guidance you need to leverage your unique skills to a successful new career in engineering.

I am so amazed at the things I’ve learned in the past couple years. It was a scary decision to change to engineering, but once I did, nothing could stop me! Now I’m loving what I do at SharkNinja. It’s the perfect blend of my background and mechanical engineering.

Rebekah Tsang
MS Mechanical Engineering
BS Family & Consumer Sciences

“I applied to LEAP hoping to switch careers and join a company working in renewable energy. During my time at BU, I focused on battery technology. Two years later, I’m working for the industry leader and my dream company: Tesla.”

Justin Turley
MS Materials Science & Engineering
BS Accounting

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